3D mapping helps find sunken ships

A group of shipwreck hunters will be able to create 3D models of the ocean floor to find sunken ships off the coast in southern Australia by utilizing geographic information system (GIS) technology from Esri Australia.

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By using geographic information system (GIS) technology fromEsri Australia, a group of shipwreck hunters will be able to create digital 3D reconstructions of the ocean floor to find the sunken wrecks.

The group, calledShipShapeSearchers, will test the technology on a wreck in Victoria, Australia, as well as a shipwreck graveyard in Port Adelaide, South Australia, according to an article from The Standard.

Alex Moss, an archaeologist with ShipShapeSearchers told The Standard that the 3D maps created with the GIS technology have multiple layers that can be “peeled back” to reveal any ships that may lie beneath.

“We start with data sourced from non-archaeological sources, including industry, government and research organizations, in particular those that have been conducted using remote sensing techniques,” he said in the article.

The GIS technology allows Moss and his team to combine and process this information into3D models of the ocean floor that displays all of the elements, including vegetation, rocks, or sand, of the surrounding area.

“Researchers can use the technology to fly in and out of the virtual model and peel back each of the element layers to ‘bring out’ the wrecks beneath,” he said.

ShipShapeSearchers will unveil the findings of the project atOzri 2013 from September 4-6 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Brisbane Australia.

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