About Vision Systems Design

Vision Systems Design’s website, email newsletters, research and monthly magazine deliver unique, unbiased and in-depth technical information about the design of machine vision and image processing systems for demanding applications.

Engineering and design professionals worldwide rely on Vision Systems Design’s real-world examples of actual system designs and integration projects to help them best integrate the many products used to build complex machine vision and image processing systems.

Vision Systems Design coverage includes:
–   Boards and software
–   Cameras including GigE, camera link, firewire, USB and smart cameras, cables and connectors, image sensors, and high-speed, infrared and x-ray imaging
–   Factory automation including automotive manufacturing, measurement/gauging, packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductors/electronics, solar/photovoltaics, turnkey vision systems and web inspection
–   Lighting and optics
–   Non-industrial vision including aerospace, biomedical applications/research, biometrics, environment/agriculture,  medical diagnostics, scientific/industrial research, surveillance/transportation
–   Robotics
–   And more!

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Group Publisher:
Susan Smith
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Editor in Chief
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Senior Editor
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James Carroll Jr.
Senior Web Editor
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