Content Submission Guidelines

Vision Systems Design Submission Guidelines

Vision Systems Design is a global media source serving engineers and engineering managers at OEMs, system integrators, and end-user organizations who design, develop, manufacture, and integrate components and subsystems for machine vision and image processing.

Vision Systems Design has served the machine vision and imaging community as the foremost resource for high-quality technical information aimed at the engineering audience for over 25 years.

Subject Matter

Vision Systems Design provides in-depth technical and integration insights focused exclusively on the information need of machine vision and imaging professionals.

We accept content from outside contributors that is technically oriented and of interest to our audience of engineers and design professionals. Our audience is looking for articles that educate them and help them perform their jobs. Contributed content should be about what, how and why—not a product pitch. We don’t accept contributed content that is commercial or written in a promotional tone.

Q&A's, interviews and pieces that "quote" interviewed sources are generally not accepted as contributed pieces.

All contributed content must be first-run by Vision Systems Design. This means that articles or columns should not have already appeared elsewhere, even on the author’s own website.

Note: You can send a well-crafted pitch in lieu of the full article, if you'd like feedback before putting the time into the full piece. However, we only make final decisions on acceptance upon seeing the completed article.

You are not required to be a professional writer. The editorial staff is happy to work with anyone who would like to contribute their expertise.


800-2,000 words.


Please note where you got outside facts, which should be from the original source.


Articles should be submitted as text files, such as MS Word, and should have no embedded formatting—including embedded footnotes, headlines or subheads.


Articles should contain two or three pieces of art, such as photos, charts, drawings, graphs or infographics.

·       Art should be sent as individual files (jpg, tif, and native Photoshop (.psd). We can also accept file formats that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop (.bmp, .gif, .pict). 

·       Photos should be at least 1200 pixels in size (height or width), or a minimum of 3x5 inches @ 300 dpi resolution for print quality publication.

·       Please do not embed art in Word documents, PDFs, or PowerPoint files.

Submissions should include the following:

·       Full text

·       Suggested headline and subheads

·       Art and suggested captions in full sentences

·       A photo of the author

·       A brief bio of the author

We require all authors to sign an electronic contributor’s agreement. Our editors will provide authors with an electronic link to this document.

Can I use AI to help write my article?

 We seek original expertise in our contributed articles. No more than 10% of your piece may be created by or directly derived from verbiage produced by a generative AI tool. More than 10%, don't bother to submit the article. Below 10%—with AI used in the article's authorship—please indicate where and to what degree AI assisted you when you submit the article to your editor.

Other Types of Content

Our editors also accept new product announcements, business news or story pitches. Our editors use this type of information to create staff-written articles.

For more information or to submit a pitch or article for consideration, reach out to Linda Wilson, Editor in Chief, Vision Systems Design.