Zebra Technologies Acquires Adaptive Vision

May 19, 2021
The company also launched a suite of machine vision cameras and industrial scanners.

Zebra Technologies Corporation has acquired graphical machine vision software developer Adaptive Vision and released a new suite of machine vision smart cameras and fixed industrial scanners.

The Zebra Aurora unified software is used to set up, deploy, and run the new hardware lines. With the acquisition of Adaptive Vision and its Adaptive Vision Studio and Library, Deep Learning Add-on, and WEAVER inference engine, Zebra Technologies expands its presence in the machine vision hardware and software marketplaces.

“The acquisition of Adaptive Vision accelerates our Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision as we continue to embrace new methods of data capture to meet the expanding and evolving needs of our customers,” said Anders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer of Zebra Technologies.

“Our machine vision software and libraries are designed to allow users to easily build MV and deep learning applications, so this is a significant strategic enhancement to Zebra’s new solutions,” said Michał Czardybon, Chief Executive Officer of Adaptive Vision.

Zebra is also introducing for industrial automation business partners, distributors, and systems integrators a new specialized track in its PartnerConnect program.

Zebra’s acquisition of Adaptive Vision was funded with cash on hand. Further financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed.

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