HALCON machine vision software from MVTec receives new update

Sept. 26, 2019
Improved detection algorithms and expanded neural network compatibility highlight the list of upgrades for ver. 19.11

Ver. 19.11 of MVTec’s HALCON machine vision software will be released on Nov. 15, 2019, according to the company.

The new version of the software will reduce the number of defect-free objects required to train the software on “positive” examples, to allow the detection of defective objects. A new, generic box finder makes it no longer necessary to train the software to recognize multiple varieties of product or shipping boxes, for example.

ECC-200 data codes in multi-core systems can be read up to three times faster and hard-to-read data codes will be read more easily after the ver. 19.11 update, according to MVTec.

HALCON ver 19.11 will have the ability to import deep-learning models in Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format, which will allow use of a broader selection of deep learning networks, according to the company.

A new learning model for line scan cameras with telecentric lenses will also be added to the HALCON library.


To Learn More:

Contact: MVTec
Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Product: HALCON ver. 19.11
Key Features: Generic box detection, improved data code-reading, broader selection of deep learning networks, increased line scan camera support.

What MVTec says: View more information on the HALCON software suite.

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