Sony releases new software development kit for remote camera access

May 5, 2020
Camera settings and shutter release can be controlled via connection to a host PC.

Sony’s new Camera Remote SDK allows developers and integrators to remotely access Sony cameras and change camera settings, shutter release, and live view monitoring in their software applications. These remote functions run off a host PC and facilitate transmission of image data back from the Sony camera.

The new SDK initially supports Alpha 7R IV and Alpha 9 II cameras, with the list of supported cameras to expand in the future. The current Camera Remote API’s provision will be closed and support will be terminated following the release of the new Camera Remote SDK.

The Camera Remote SDK is now available and can be downloaded here.

To Learn More:

Contact: Sony Image Sensing Solutions
Headquarters: Brooklands, Surrey, UK
Product: Camera Remote SDK
Key Features: Remote camera setting changes via PC connection.

What Sony Image Sensing Solutions says: View more information on the new Camera Remote SDK.        

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