Image processing software update adds Ethernet/IP interface

Feb. 24, 2021
The newest version of uniVision also adds new overlays for results visualization.

Update 2.3.0 for wenglor’s uniVision image processing software, designed for evaluating 2D and 3D images for analysis and the creation of height profiles, adds Ethernet/IP interface, to ease integration of the company’s smart cameras and control units with the open Industrial Ethernet standard.

The update also includes new overlays in the software’s web-based results visualization, that can be displayed on any device in the browser. Previously, points and lines could only be displayed within an image or profile. Update 2.3.0. also adds the ability to display circles, arcs, and coordinate systems as overlays.


To Learn More:

Contact: wenglor sensoric GmbH
Headquarters: Tettnang, Germany
Product: uniVision image processing software update 2.3.0
Key Features: Adds Ethernet/IP interface and new overlays web-based results visualization overlays.

What wenglor sensoric GmbH says:
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