CoaXPress frame grabbers feature micro fan cooling

April 30, 2021
Heat dissipating design supports more reliable performance for challenging applications.

Claxon CXP4-V and Cyton CXP4-V quad-channel frame grabbers, based on legacy architectures, feature board-mounted micro fans to cool their small form factor computers (SFF PC). The Claxon CXP4, a quad CXP-12 PCIe Gen 3 model, supports up to four CXP-12 cameras and multi-link CXP-12 cameras, with speeds from 3.25 to 12.5 Gbps. Each camera has dedicated I/O and can draw up to 13 W power. Based on the CoaXPress 1.1 standard, the Cyton CXP4 features a Gen 2.0 x8 PCIe bus interface.

Both models support simple triggering modes as well as complicated, application-specific control and triggering interactions with a wide variety of hardware environments.


To Learn More:

Contact: BitFlow
Headquarters: Woburn, MA, USA
Product: Cyton CXP4-V and Claxon CXP4-V frame grabbers
Key Features: Quad-channel, micro fan cooled, CoaXPress interface

What BitFlow says:
View more information on the Cyton CXP4-V and Claxon CXP4-V frame grabbers.

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