Teledyne Photometrics partners with Dotphoton AG

Dec. 22, 2021
New alliance is intended to leverage metrologically-accurate compression solutions with modern optical imaging.
Tucson, Arizona, USA – Teledyne Photometrics, a division of Teledyne Technologies [NYSE: TDY], announces a strategic partnership with image compression solutions provider Dotphoton AG that will enable robust storage of the large amounts of images generated by scientific imaging using integrated combinations of products from the two companies.
Joe Deasy, Marketing Manager at Teledyne Photometrics notes that this partnership is a move to resolve prohibitive data storage issues caused by the large amounts of data generated during modern scientific imaging. Deasy explains, “Our Kinetix sCMOS high-speed scientific camera is capable of generating 4.9 Gigabytes of data per second. Solutions such as Dotphoton’s Jetraw are necessary for efficient post acquisition data management.”
Jetraw’s metrologically accurate raw image compression software reduces image data volume by as much as 10x and is compatible with most visualization and processing software. Jetraw uses a full information-theoretical model of the image acquisition process, based on the physical properties of both the light and the sensor to ensure optimal performance.
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About Teledyne Photometrics

Teledyne Photometrics, a part of Teledyne’s Vision Solutions Group, manufactures industry leading scientific CMOS and CCD cameras used in Life Science research. With more than 40 years of experience, Teledyne Photometrics’ has pushed the boundaries of scientific imaging with the Kinetix, a 10 Megapixel, 95% Quantum Efficient, 500 frame per second sCMOS cameras.

About Dotphoton

Dotphoton is a Swiss technology company that provides innovative data management solutions for large image data. Dotphoton’ s metrologically correct approach to image compression enables file size reduction by a factor of 6-10 while preserving the quality of images and improves the experience of managing large data sets.

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