MVTec Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Feb. 2, 2022
The Munich-based company will celebrate its 25th anniversary throughout 2022. MVTec was founded in 1996 as a spinoff of the Munich Technical University and the Bavarian Institute for Knowledge-based System (FORWISS).

Munich—MVTec Software GmbH (, an international providers of machine vision software, has long been a major driver of the industry’s technological development. The Munich-based company will celebrate its 25th anniversary throughout 2022. MVTec was founded in 1996 as a spinoff of the Munich Technical University and the Bavarian Institute for Knowledge-based System (FORWISS). Since that time, the company has worked continuously to provide its customers with the best possible products. The machine vision software that MVTec offers is used in nearly all branches of industry thanks to its flexibility and high technical standards. "We see our 25th anniversary as an opportunity to pause for a moment and look back at the success of the past quarter-century. Over the last 25 years, we have managed to grow faster than the overall market. This has enabled us to maintain our independence and, at the same time, ensures that we can continue to intensively research new technologies for our customers. As a technology leader, innovation is never an end in itself for us, but must always serve the customers. Therefore, we will continue to provide the best possible machine vision products for our customers in the future," remarks Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director and one of the three founders of MVTec Software GmbH.

In-House Research Department Maintains High Technological Standards

MVTec's technological heart – its extensive machine vision and algorithm expertise – manifests itself in the company's product portfolio. The HALCON standard machine vision software, the MERLIC software for creating complete machine vision applications quickly and intuitively, and the Deep Learning Tool for easy image data labeling give every customer the right tool to master the various requirements of industrial image processing. The products are used in a wide range of machine vision applications around the world and include modern AI technologies such as deep learning as well as classic machine vision algorithms. The company's own research department supports the ongoing development of these products. MVTec continuously incorporates its research findings into its products, so that customers always benefit from the latest scientific knowledge.

Customer proximity as driver for further Internationalization

The economic conditions for MVTec's anniversary year are generally positive. "Although we see certain obstacles to growth in the form of strained supply chains and high energy prices, we nevertheless expect further growth in the machine vision industry overall. The Corona pandemic has made companies even more aware of the need to invest sustainably in automation and digitization. Machine vision as the “eye of production” benefits from this," explains Munkelt. This is also reflected in the company's goals. On the one hand, internationalization is to be further strengthened. In addition to the existing subsidiaries in the USA and China, MVTec plans to further expand its involvement in key markets such as France and Taiwan. "Listening to customers and being close to them has always been a key element for our success. In the future, we plan to further invest into this asset. This is why we will strengthen our local presence worldwide, so we can serve our customers even better together with our sales partners. This also enables us to react to changing conditions of the respective markets even faster and to optimally address the needs of our customers on site. In addition to strengthening our own presence, the optimization of our global partner networks also plays a key role here", explains Martin Krumey, Vice President, Sales, at MVTec.

On the other hand, the company’s commitment to industrial standards will also continue to play a very important role. Dr. Munkelt explains: "Worldwide uniform standards are an important key to the end-to-end automation of production chains in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things. They enable the efficient, seamless integration of all technologies that accompany automation, such as machine vision”.

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