Manheim and Fyusion Deploying Imaging Inside the Auction Gates, Paving the Way to AI-Enhanced Condition Reports

March 8, 2022
One year after Cox Automotive acquired Fyusion, the brands are deploying advanced mobile and fixed imaging, benefitting clients across Manheim locations as they journey toward automated damage detection.

ATLANTA, GA—Manheim and Fyusion have been working together for years, starting with Manheim Express in 2018, but it wasn’t until Cox Automotive acquired the computer vision leader a little over a year ago that the partnership accelerated. Now, Manheim is deploying Fyusion-powered mobile imaging at all of its locations. Manheim has also just launched its first AI-driven fixed imaging gantry at Manheim MinneapolisTogether, these Fyusion-powered technologies will capture millions of vehicle images and fuel automated damage detection.

“As more cars than ever are sold digitally, Manheim and Fyusion are working to give dealers and commercial clients the utmost confidence in digital wholesale buying and selling,” said Zach Hallowell, senior vice president, Manheim Digital. “With our clients requiring more vehicle information and advanced imaging, we put our combined expertise to work to deliver the most consistent and trustworthy vehicle condition information in the industry and make viewing a vehicle online as good as standing next to the car.”

Advancements in imaging include

Fyusion-Powered Mobile Image Capture Inside the Auction Gates: Each year, millions of vehicles are imaged for condition reports inside the gates of Manheim’s vast auction network. This month, the company completed the rollout of brand-new cameras for inspectors across all its locations. Boasting 108 MPixels and driven by Fyusion’s software, the cameras will provide clients with a more accurate and consistent representation of the car, delivering truer colors and significantly more detailed images.

When clients zoom in on the new images, the pictures will retain the utmost clarity—enabling them to see every scratch, read manufacturer’s data on the sidewall of a tire, and view whatever interests them most in striking detail—all from the convenience of their laptop or phone. The images are so detailed that clients will be able to see the fibers of the interior carpet and even the dust on the dashboard.


Manheim First to Deploy AI-Driven Fixed Imaging Gantry in the U.S.: Manheim is also giving fixed imaging a makeover with state-of-the-art gantries, becoming the first wholesale vehicle services company in the U.S. to leverage AI imaging in a fixed gantry for both merchandising and damage detection. These drive-through imaging tunnels take high-resolution still images while a vehicle is in motion and will deliver even more photos, consistent and expanded camera angles, and superior lighting for exterior vehicle imaging. The AI technology does not just capture still images—it understands the vehicle in three dimensions and can assess the condition of the vehicle.

The first production gantry was launched at Manheim Minneapolis, with additional gantries being built at select locations. Manheim will provide updates on these industry-leading installations throughout the year.

These images, along with those captured with the Manheim Express app, will be fed into Fyusion’s automated  damage detection algorithm, which the brands have already invested millions of dollars in, as well as spent years training.

As the largest automotive wholesale marketplace, Manheim takes millions of proprietary vehicle images each year and has captured well over a million 360° captures in Fyusion’s patented .fyuse format. This massive data supply is what drives Fyusion’s damage detection efforts.

Fyusion’s imaging technology captures 3D images of vehicles, which it then uses for multiangle analysis of damages. The 3D model allows the technology to understand which panel the vehicle damage occurred on and will support a 360° of the vehicle while keeping the damage highlight attached to the right part of the car during the rotation. It is the only AI technology in wholesale that uses 3D imaging to look at vehicle damages from every angle, enabling it to judge the size and severity of damages more accurately than competing solutions that rely on old-fashioned 2D images.

This technology, combined with the wealth of data at its disposal, has allowed Fyusion to develop a powerful machine learning solution—one able to positively identify the presence of the top 20 vehicle damage types 94% of the time.

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