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May 30, 2022
New version of Sapera Vision Software from Teledyne DALSA includes enhancements to AI tools.

Teledyne DALSA has introduced a new version of its Sapera Vision Software, which includes enhancements to Astrocyte, an AI training graphical tool, and Sapera Processing, an image-processing and Al-libraries tool. These enhancements include a mechanism for handling large images at native resolution to avoid losing precision on very small defects or objects and a second mechanism for preparing images for training and inference without distorting the original aspect ratio. This version of the software also includes two new algorithms: one for anomaly detection with better performance on low to medium resolutions and another for object detection with higher performance and lower footprint. Teledyne DALSA says Sapera Vision Software is ideal for applications such as surface inspection on metal plates, location and identification of hardware parts, detection and segmentation of vehicles, and noise reduction on X-ray medical images.

To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne DALSA

Headquarters: Waterloo, ON, Canada

Product: Sapera Vision Software

Key Features: Supports GigE Vision, USB Vision, CameraLink HS and CoaXPress interfaces; AI-based API for image acquisition and processing; Intuitive user interface

What Teledyne DALSA says:

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