Software Tool Helps Choose Lighting Products

July 26, 2022
Choosing the proper lighting products is an important part of creating successful vision applications.

Basler AG has introduced Lighting Advisor, a web-based software tool that helps engineers and integrators choose the lighting products from Basler that are best suited to the requirements of their applications. By selecting the proper illumination early in the design process, they save valuable time and integration costs. It is often a complex task to find the correct lighting type, illumination technique, and appropriate wavelength. Basler’s lighting portfolio has a plethora of solutions for vision applications, having added a total of 200 new lighting products recently. This includes 7 new lighting types—such as flat dome lights, back lights, and spotlights—and 144 lights and additional matching accessories.

To Learn More:

Contact: Basler AG 

Headquarters: Ahrensburg, Germany

Product:Lighting Advisor

Key Features: Web-based tool, Helps with product selection, 200 Basler lighting products added to company's portfolio

What Basler AG says:

View more information on Lighting Advisor.

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