Machine Vision Software with Deep Learning Released

March 31, 2023
Software release incudes deep learning tool for object detection.

MVTec is scheduled to release MERLIC 5.3 on April 20, 2023. The update to the machine vision software includes a deep learning tool, Find Object, that locates trained object classes and separates touching or partially overlapping objects. The new version also includes deep learning tools that were available in earlier versions, such as anomaly detection and classification. In addition, end users can use MERLIC’s algorithm training functionalities for new products during runtime. The new update also includes a plug-in that facilitates communication directly with the Mitsubishi Electric PLC via the MC/SLMP protocol. The company says the product is designed for users who do not have programming experience.

To Learn More:

Contact: MVTec

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Product: MERLIC 5.3

Key Features: Deep learning tool locates objects, train algorithm during runtime, communicate directly with Mitsubishi Electric PLC.


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