SDK for 3D Sensors and Infrared Cameras

May 25, 2023
The software includes a metrology package and software simulator for testing infrared applications.

AT - Automation Technology GmbH has released a comprehensive software package for use with its 3D sensors and infrared cameras. The AT Solution Package includes all previous software in one place as well as new tools, such as a Metrology Package and IRSK Simulator. The simulator is a digital twin of the smart IRSX infrared camera, and it allows users to test their own apps and configurations on a computer and then later transfer them to a camera. The SDK and individual software tools also can be used on mobile devices. The software allows for  integration with third-party products such as HALCON (MVTec), CVB (Stemmer Imaging), and MATLAB (MathWorks).

To Learn More:

Contact: AT-Automation Technology GmbH

Headquarters: Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Product: AT Solution Package

Key Features: Metrology package, simulator for infrared applications, compatible with mobile devices.


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