New Industrial PC Launched

Sept. 19, 2023
Computer designed for enhanced machine vision, Edge, AI capabilities.

EKF recently launched a new industrial PC, the AC100, which is based on and enhances the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, providing up to 21 TOPS of accelerated computing power. It has has DisplayPort, Ethernet, and USB interfaces, as well as an internal PCLe M.2 SSD interface. It has M.2 ports for a 4G/5G WWAN module and two WiFi 6 modules. Options include four MPO/MTP fiber optic connectors, as well as an NVMe SSD card with up to 8 TB storage volume for user data. It has a PCIe packet switch for external devices such as high-resolution cameras and has a Linux4Tegra operating system by EFK and based on Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Kernel 4.9, both of which are provided by Nvidia. The computer is also available as a board level module with various enclosure options for standalone use or integration into existing systems.

 To Learn More:

Contact: EKF  

Headquarters: Hamm, Germany

Product: AC100 Industrial PC

Key Features: 21 TOPS computing power, Linuxs4Tegra operating system, DisplayPort, Ethernet, USB interfaces

What EKF says: View more information on AC100.

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