Launches New Machine Vision Systems

Oct. 24, 2023
New integration package combines 2D/3D machine vision, AI/deep learning solutions. has launched its  K-BOX line of machine vision systems that combine AI, 3D imaging, and intelligent robotic planning technologies. K-BOX offers the same functionality as the company's Core+ visual inspection solution, which combines such machine vision techniques as automated lighting control, deep learning, 2D/3D imaging and intelligent robotic planning. However, instead of shipping with an industrial robot, K-BOX offers APIs that connect software to most standard or collaborative robots. The system comes with software that allows for set up of an inspection plan, from either a CAD file or 3D scans, as well as enhancement of those solutions via AI/deep learning. K-BOX also includes’s optical head, which offers 25 mm or 50 mm lens options; these provide 82 x 68 mm or 41 x 34 mm FOV, respectively and minimal defect size at 100 µm and 50 µm, respectively. The K-Box can be used in a variety of machine vision applications, such as automated inspections.

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Headquarters: Petach Tikva, Israel

Product: K-Box

Key Features: Combines machine vision/AI/deep learning/robotics; includes robotic arm, rotating table, optical head, and software; API based solution.

What says: View more information on K-Box.

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