Landing AI Announces Tool for Domain-Specific Large Vision Models

Dec. 19, 2023
The solution allows companies to incorporate AI into computer vision tasks without extensive image labeling.

Landing AI has launched domain-specific large vision models (LVMs). The LVMs allow companies to use their collections of proprietary images and videos, such as of semiconductor features or cancer cells, for a range of computer vision tasks, such as object detection or image segmentation. Landing AI says many existing LVMs are trained on collections of common images on the internet—such as of animals, people or buildings—and may not produce reliable results picking out important features in proprietary image collections. Landing AI says its LVM solution already has been trained on domain-specific images, which allows enterprises to incorporate their prioprietary images into a range of computer vision tasks without time-consuming image-labeling efforts.

To Learn More:

Contact: Landing AI 

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Product: Domain Specific Large Vision Models

Key Features: Incorporate proprietary images and videos into computer vision tasks, spend less time labeling data, reduce in error rate in LVMs

What says Landing AI says: view more information on Domain Specific Large Vision Models.

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