MVTec Launches Updated Machine Vision Software

Feb. 27, 2024
No-code software designed for ease of use by those with limited machine vision experience.

MVTec Software GmbH recently launched MERLIC 5.5, an updated version of the company's no-code machine vision software designed especially for those who have limited or no experience in machine vision. An "all-in-one" package designed for easy integration, the software comes with image-centered user interface, an extensive library of imaging and deep learning tools, as well as capability for the user to add customized tools.

Updates include addition of a new TCP socket, which has a customizable, text-based protocol that allows users to configure simple ASCII messages containing only information relevant to their particular application. In addition, MERLIC 5.5 has added a deep counting tool that allows users to count and precisely locate many objects using minimal labels, as well as a new color recognition tool and a new HDR imaging tool, giving it capability to handle a wide variety of imaging tasks.

The software can support all industry standards, as well as a wide range of hardware. It is available for Windows and Linux-based PC systems and Arm-based embedded platforms.


To Learn More:

Contact: MVTec Software GmbH

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Product: MERLIC 5.5 machine vision software

Key Features: No code all-in-one platform, supports all industry standards and most hardware, available for Windows, Linux, and Arm-based platforms 

What MVTec says: View more information on Merlic 5.5 machine vision software

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