Micropsi Industries Launches Updated AI-vision Software for Robotics

March 21, 2024
New software version adds capabilities for automated robotic AI, machine vision applications.

Micropsi Industries has launched MIRAI 2, the most recent generation of Micropsi’s AI-vision software for robotic automation. The software, designed to enable robots to respond to varying conditions within a factory environment, does not require CAD data, controlled light, visual feature predefinition, or extensive computer vision knowledge in order to operate.

This newest version of the software adds five new functions, including the ability to share skills across a fleet of robots; ability to record data for skills without having to hand-guide a robot; ability to function without a force/torque sensor; ability to detect and respond to abnormal factory/workplace conditions; and ability to run on some industrial grade PCs.

The software is designed for a variety of automated robotic applications requiring AI-vision, including end-of-line testing, inspections, bin picking, and more.


To Learn More:

Contact:  Micropsi Industries

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Product: MIRAI 2 AI-vision robotic automation software

Key Features: Can run on Industrial PCs, new features include abnormal condition detection capability, does not require extensive computer vision knowledge to run.

What Micropsi Industries says: View more information on MIRAI 2 AI-vision robotic automation software. 

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