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Thermal/visible system is hand-held; Vision sensor is industrial; Ringlight highlights defects; Chip-on-board technology delivers color mixing & MORE…

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Thermal/visible system is hand-held

Th 0511vsd Prod01
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The IR928+ camera system is a hand-held system that is supplied with a thermal imaging camera, a visible imaging camera, laser locator, and thermal- and visible-channel displays, allowing easy identification of thermal features. It has been produced to the IP54 specification, ensuring operation in harsh environments. On-board software functions, accessed via a set of thumb-operated keys, allow temperature measurements with sensitivity of less than 0.1°C. Object emissivity, single- and multiple-point temperatures, isotherms, max/min, and electronic zoom are all standard functions
Armstrong Optical
Northampton, UK

Vision sensor is industrial

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In-Sight 5400S, a stainless-steel vision sensor, is an industrial-grade sensor that meets IEC specifications for shock and vibration and achieves an IP68/NEMA 6P rating that stands up to chemical washdown and submersion. It provides protection from harsh manufacturing environments without the cost and complexity of an accessory enclosure. The sensor can be used to sort objects, detect proper fill levels, and inspect labels. It includes a library of vision software, as well as built-in Ethernet communications and In-Sight Explorer. PatMax is available as an option
Natick, MA, USA

Ringlight highlights defects

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The LW300 ringlight combines low angle and direct illumination to highlight defects on both highly reflective and nonreflective materials. Designed for the packaging industry, the LW300 can be used to inspect items such as plastic bottle caps with foil lining-the edge of the bottle cap is inspected with the low-angle light and the lining is inspected by the direct light. It features uniform illumination over an 80 × 80-mm field of view
Boreal Vision Solutions
Montreal, QC, Canada

Chip-on-board technology delivers color mixing

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ACULED (All Color Ultrabright LED) is a compact, high-power light source utilizing multichip-on-board technology. This multi-use LED is designed for operation in a variety of specialty lighting applications, including vision systems and medical lighting. The company is offering ACULED evaluation kits so that customers can test the RGB LED platform with their particular applications
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
Pfaffenhofen, Germany

Pentium M SBC has new interface

PCM-9380 is a Pentium M/Celeron M embedded single-board computer (SBC) solution that is designed with Intel’s 855GME chipset and Advantech’s MIO interface that integrates popular bus signals together into a high-density 160-pin connector offering expansion possibilities. The SBC delivers efficient power consumption with excellent heat dissipation. This cooling feature is for applications requiring low-power consumption or fanless operation. The PCM-9380 is based on the 2-GHz low-power Intel Pentium M processor and delivers 400-MHz frontside bus speed and an optimized integrated graphics solution with a 32-bit 3-D core. PCM-9380 supports DDR memory up to 1 Gbyte with ECC for improved reliability and data integrity
Irvine, CA, USA

Shutter upgrade connects components

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Uniblitz QCS45, a shutter and housing product, allows users to upgrade the CS45 shutter without disassembly or disturbance to connected components. The housing features a cartridge that contains a CS45 shutter including all data/power connections. The Uniblitz QCS45 is based on the CS series design and is available with the same options as the CS45. It has an identical aperture (45 mm) and overall diameter as the standard CS45 and can also accept the same mounts for integration in a system
Vincent Associates
Rochester, NY, USA

Small sensor is efficient

The BS30 vision sensor is 30 × 35 × 36-mm, provides monochrome output, and offers image frequency of 300 images/s. Image recording can be synchronized to the production sequence by means of a trigger input. Other features include 18 to 30 V, working distance of 100 to 200 mm, response time of 3.33 ms, temperature range from 0°C to 50°C, and RS-232 interface
Wenglor Sensoric
Tettnang, Germany

Small imager reads codes

Th 0511vsd Prod06
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Miniature megapixel imager, Quadrus MINI, is a small (1.8 × 2.10 × 1 in., less than 2 oz), imager that offers autofocus for industrial product identification. Designed for applications in electronics manufacturing, Quadrus MINI reads both linear barcodes and 2-D codes such as Data Matrix directly marked on boards and components. The imager can be embedded inside pick-and-place robotic equipment or mounted at the entrance and exit points of workcells for process verification
Renton, WA, USA

Camera replaces obsolete systems

IMPACT T22 is an intelligent camera designed as a drop-in replacement for obsolete or underpowered vision systems. An extension to the IMPACT T-series, the T22 has an image-processing computer inside the camera, enabling it to be deployed without additional image-processing hardware. The IMPACT T22 is interchangeable with older, camera-based vision systems, enabling manufacturers to upgrade to achieve 100% real-time inspection while reusing existing optical and lighting components. It is a suitable replacement for both analog and digital systems
PPT Vision
Eden Prairie, MN, USA

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