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March 13, 2014
Today's designers of machine vision and image processing systems need to be aware of the numerous established and emerging companies involved in supplying OEM products.

Today's designers of machine vision and image processing systems need to be aware of the numerous established and emerging companies involved in supplying OEM products. As well as understanding the numerous disciplines involved in creating such products, developers must constantly review the emerging trends in image sensors, cameras, lighting, software and computer systems that will be deployed in future products.

Every engineer involved in the task of developing such systems cannot attend the numerous tradeshows and conferences now dedicated to machine vision and image processing. With this in mind, Vision Systems Design magazine is proud to bring you our Annual Buyer's Guide issue that has been developed over the past year by our Buyer's Guide department. In this issue you will find a comprehensive listing of manufacturers, integrators and manufacturer's representatives that design, manufacture, integrate and offer machine vision and image processing equipment.

These companies are listed in multiple product categories, including solid-state cameras, optics, lighting, add-in boards, automation equipment, and software. To keep you updated on the latest development in sensors, cameras, lighting and software, we have added short reviews of some of the latest developments. These begin on page 5 of this issue.

To make the task of searching this guide easier, you can find the complete Buyer's Guide issue at www.vision-systems.com where you can search the guide by category, company or keyword. All the information in our print edition is included along with additional information about vendors, distributors and systems integrators.

2014's Buyer's Guide contains consists of four sections: a Product Guide, a System Integrator Location listing, a Manufacturer's Reps by location listing and a Vendor Director. While the Guide's table of contents provides an overview of these sections, the Product index on page 19 includes detailed listings of the product categories.

While the technology reviews and product categories in the print issue of this guide provides a snapshot of the machine vision and image processing industry, our on-line Buyer's Guide is dynamic, allowing manufacturers to continuously update their information. By doing so, we provide you with a dynamically updated reference of companies and systems integrators in the machine vision and image processing business.

While you may find this Buyer's Guide useful, you may also wish to check out our recently redesigned website at www.vision-systems.com. There, you will find the latest product, news and technology updates as well as our on-line Industrial Camera Directory that lists over 200 camera vendors, their products, and key camera specifications. To complement this, our website also contains numerous tutorial-based webcasts, white papers and editorial digests.

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