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Add PCMCIA ports to PCs

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With interface cards that can add front or rear PCMCIA ports to industrial PCs that have a PCI or ISA slot available, PM Series interfaces enable the prototyping of data-acquisition and motion-control systems on desktop computers. For front or side access, some PCMCIA ports can be mounted in a 3.5-in. drive bay. PM 235P unit offers a Type II and a Type III PCMCIA port and communicates via a PCI slot. PM 235A unit offers the same two ports but communicates via ISA. Third unit combines one Type III PCMCIA port with a 1.44-Mbyte floppy drive and communicates via PCI. For rear access, fourth unit lets PCMCIA cards be mounted directly on a PCI card without a 3.5-in. drive bay. All four units run under Windows 98/2000/Me/NT.CyberResearch Inc., Branford, CT;
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Microscope inspects with high power

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The Mitutoyo FS70 microscope provides magnifications up to 400X with a 1X to 2X zoom range. Its focusing 10X or 20X wide-field eyepieces can accept 25-mm-diameter reticles. The 50/50 trinocular microscope head allows for simultaneous video and binocular viewing. Reverse nosepiece can hold up to four objectives. Eleven plano-apochromatic objectives aid use in the visible wavelengths. They offer a range of magnifications from 2X, with an NA of 0.055 and a working distance of 34 mm, to 200X, with an NA of 0.62 and a working distance of 13 mm.Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ;
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LCD display is autostereoscopic

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Model 2018XLQ 2-D/3-D, switchable, LCD display provides an 18.1-in.-diagonal screen, 1280 ¥ 1024-pixel resolution, an analog RGB computer input, S-video and composite (BNC) video inputs, and 16.7 million display colors. It is compatible with nearly all computers and workstations. The display works with common 3-D design software programs, such as 3-D Studio Max, Strata 3-D, SolidWorks, Studio Tools, CATIA, and AutoCAD. Four user-selectable stereo modes aid compatibility with stereo sources.Dimension Technologies Inc., Rochester, NY;
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Camera serves microscopy

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Photometrics SenSys:3200ME digital imaging system for low-light and microscopy uses a thermoelectrically cooled Kodak KAF3200ME CCD image sensor that provides 2184 × 1472-pixel resolution, 12-bit output, 6.8-sq µm pixels. Frame readout is 3.1 s for full frames. The sensor uses indium tin oxide technology and bonded microlenses to obtain a quantum efficiency of 88% at 580 nm. C-mount facilitates attachment to microscopes, lenses, and optical devices. PVCAM programming interface accommodates third-party programs on common operating systems and integration with shutters and filter wheels.Roper Scientific Inc., Tucson, AZ;
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Board computer is complete Developed for PC-104 and PC-104-Plus embedded applications, the Bobcat single-board computer provides an AMD Elan SC520 133-MHz CPU, 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, 32-pin DiskOnChip socket, and 10/100 Ethernet. It features floppy, IDE, two RS-232, and two RS-422/485 ports. Powered by 5 V, the board is software-compatible with Windows, QNX, Linux, and RT-Linux, and its BIOS is reprogrammable. VersaLogic Corp., Eugene, OR;
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Camera reduces size Teli CS8550D double-speed progressive-scan camera comes with a 1/3-in. CCD chip, 659 × 494-pixel resolution, and 60-frame/s rate. In partial-scan mode, it can operate at 1/2 and 1/4 vertical resolutions at faster frame rates. External controls include restart/reset, random trigger shutter, and external synchronization. The camera measures 29 × 29 × 39.5 mm, weighs 50 g, and offers a multiple exposure mode. Leutrek Vision Inc., Burlington, MA;
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Thermometer uses IR scanning The ScanIR II line-scanning infrared thermometer and thermal imaging system meets NEMA 12K and IP52 standards. Its sensor uses a single detector and a scanning mirror to view a target over 90°. Windows NT and the company's SpotMaster and ZoneMaster software provide two- or three-dimensional color thermal displays. The system can make temperature measurements from 100°F to 4000°F (35°C to 2500°C) depending on the model. For each 90° scan, the 100-Hz model takes 500 measurements; the 50-Hz model makes 1000 measurements; and the 10-Hz model makes 5000 measurements. Ircon Inc., Niles, IL;
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Fluorescent light shines Model 13 Plus Steady-Lite fluorescent illuminator is a laboratory-grade lighting system that provides white, flicker-free illumination. It provides a variable intensity control by using an 85-kHz driver and a flicker-free dimming range from 100% to 10%. The circular configuration provides 360° of uniform, shadowless light. The lamps give maximum output for more than 7000 hours. The polycarbonate plastic housing does not radiate heat and comes equipped with an adapter to fit microscopes and cameras. Accessories include a polarizer kit to control the transmitted light intensity and an optional remote intensity-control kit. StockerYale Inc., Salem, NH;
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Processor speeds imaging AD9891 CCD signal processor combines a 10-bit, 20-Msample/s analog front end with a programmable timing generator for designing CCD-based digital still cameras. It reduces EMI, digital coupling, and fixed-pattern noise and operates from –20°C to 85°C. A timing core offers ±1-ns clock programmability that enables the timing generator to control the H-clocks, V-clocks, sensor gates, blanking, and internal clocks. Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA;
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CPU board blazes BAB 911 single-board computer includes a 400-MHz PowerPC industrial CPU, a PCISA interface, and 256 Kbytes of second-level cache. With a 256- or 512-Mbyte SDRAM, a 10/100-Mbit/s RJ45 Ethernet port, two asynchronous serial I/O lines with RS-232 termination, the board features a four-slot PCI interface on the PCISA bus connector with PCI interrupts assigned at arbitrary priorities. Software support covers MicroWare OS-9 3.0, Linux, and Eltec PxROS. An optional OEM card cage features a passive PCISA backplane with four additional short PCI/32 slots for user extensions, an ac power supply, and a mounting bay for a rotating mass storage device. American Eltec Inc., Las Vegas, NV; www.eltec. com.
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System captures fast events Using a megapixel CMOS PCI color camera, PCI camera control, and memory board capable of storing 9.8 seconds of data recording, the MotionPro digital imaging system can record 500 full frames/s. Motion-analysis software provides angular, linear, velocity, and rotational measurements. Three system models offer recording speeds of up to 500, 2000, and 10,000 frames/s. CMOS sensor provides 1280 × 1024 pixels at 500 frames/s in either color or monochrome. As many as four MotionPro systems can be operated from a single PC for multiple synchronous views, analysis, and documentation. Redlake MASD Inc., San Diego, CA;
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Laser meter measures in microns LT series of laser confocal displacement meters use a 2-µm laser beam to obtain 0.1-µm displacement precision for measuring height, thickness, profile, and depth regardless of surface color, transparency, wetness, irregularity, or angle. They come with a miniature CCD camera, 9-in. monitor for either 200X or 90X target imaging, cross-hair cursor, and a microscope function. A hand-held remote control unit and menu screens direct meter operation. Stable measurements can be made even when the .optical axis is inclined up to ±17° or ±7° toward the target. Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ;
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Medical display shines The LQ201U1LW11/W01 TFT LCD 21.1-in.-diagonal monochrome/color display provides 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles, a pixel pitch of 0.255 × 0.255 mm, and 700-nit (mono) or 220-nit (color) brightness. Targeted toward diagnostic and clinical imaging, the display offers a resolution of 1600 × 1200 × 8 bits, response rates of 25 ms, and a 16 million color module. With a 1000:1 (mono) or 400:1 (color) contrast ratio, the display operates from a 12-V supply voltage. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas, Camas, WA; www.sharpsec. com.
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LEDs shine ultraviolet Delivering typical intensities of 500 mcds at a typical stable wavelength of 400 nm, Ultraviolet LED Series features a 30° viewing angle and wavelengths from 390 to 410 nm. Capable of operating from –25°C to +85°C, the devices are available in discrete SMD and through-hole packages, including T-1 (3 mm) and T1-3/4 (5 mm) sizes, as well as in the company's proprietary Pix-Tek and Mako super flux packages. Bivar Inc., Irvine, CA;
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Software recognizes characters EconoCR industrial optical-character-recognition (OCR) software identifies, matches, sorts, tracks, and verifies products. Originally offered as a C++ library of OCR routines for Pentium PCs or machine-vision platforms running Windows9X/NT, this software now supports National Instruments LabView graphical measurement software. It also works with Analog Devices 21XX DSPs, Texas Instruments TMS320C62XX DSPs, Motorola PowerPCs, and Hitachi SH4 processors. Concepts in Computing Inc., South Beloit, IL;
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Board computer is half size The ePCI-100 is a half-size, Intel 810E chipset-based, single board computer featuring an 866-MHz Pentium III processor. It meets the PICMG 1.2 Embedded PCI-X specification and offers a PCI bus with 32-bit support. Key features include 512 Mbytes of memory, an integrated 2-D/3-D, 64-bit, CRT video controller with a DVI output, two Intel 82559 ER 10/100Base-TX ports, a USB port, serial/parallel ports, and a floppy interface. A PC/104-plus expansion header provides access to the PCI bus for stand-alone operation. Kontron America, San Diego, CA;
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Gauge measures round parts Model J-181a digital video gauge measures small round parts up to 2-in. long by 1.25 in. diameter by making repeated measurements as it rotates parts through 360° in small programmable steps. Gauging takes about 10 s for a complete rotation in 10° increments (36 steps) with a typical accuracy of 0.0001 in. Using included software, a monitor displays diameters at any point along the part's length, distance between features along the length, and other dimensions. Data can be analyzed through 360° to give maxima, minima, and other values, including trends over a number of samples. Display of each result includes a pointer, which shows how closely the actual dimension approaches the allowable maximum or minimum value. Resec Systems Inc., Bergenfield, NJ;
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