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F-Theta scan lenses focus on wavelength; Industrial sensor needs no; Linescan system measures processes; Computer board packs speed; and more.

Feb 1st, 2000
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F-Theta scan lenses focus on wavelength The F-Theta line of lenses is available in wavelengths of 255 nm to 1064 nm, including frequency-doubled (532 nm) and tripled YAG (355 nm). Focal lengths accommodate the range of 100 to 810 mm. The line of fixed beam expanders ranges in wavelengths from 255 to 1064 nm with magnification ratios from 1.5X to 20X. The adjustable beam expanders cover magnification ratios of 1X to 8X and wavelengths from 266 to 1064 nm. Rodenstock Precision Optics Inc.,4885 Colt Rd., Rockford, IL 61109; (815) 874-8300; Fax: (815) 874-6374.

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Industrial sensor needs no PC The stand-alone In-Sight 2000 industrial machine-vision sensor comprises a digital camera, a hand-held control pad, a sealed controller chassis with digital-signal processor, and pre-installed vision software. The controller chassis provides connectors for the control pad, VGA display, variable lighting, serial communications, camera, power, and on-board and expansion I/O. No personal computer is needed, either at setup or during runtime. Vision software tools include the PatFind part location tool and a spreadsheet for configuring vision applications. The spreadsheet enables users, via the control pad, to select tools and parameters via menus and dialog boxes, link cells together to perform functions such as locating objects or measuring parts, configure applications, and make on-the-fly changes. Price is $4995. Cognex Corp.,One Vision Dr., Natick, MA 01760; (508) 650-3000; Fax: (508) 650-3333.

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Linescan system measures processes Solid-state Line Scan System uses a controller chassis and a camera to perform noncontact measurement/observation/ monitor functions for production process control. It can measure width (within 0.0001 in.), thickness, diameter, and centerline or inspect surface defects. The camera contains a 5000-pixel CCD linear image sensor and optics in a single rugged package. The NEMA-enclosed controller holds an internal keypad and LCD screen for application setup. No PC interface or frame grabber cards are needed. An RS-232 port supports industrial interfaces. The display board features a programmable limit sounder, a 5.5-digit numeric display, and a 50-segment LED bar graph. Price is $4720. Diversified Engineering and Manufacturing Inc.,283 Indian River Rd., Orange, CT 06477; (203) 799-7875; Fax: (203) 799-7892.

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Computer board packs speed The 820S1 Pentium III-based single-board computer features dual PCI EIDE Ultra ATA/66 interfaces to run synchronous DMA mode transfers up to 66 Mbytes/s using the Intel 820 AGPset ATA/66 interface. Two dual-in-line sockets support auto detection of SDRAM up to 1 Gbyte. An Ultra 2 SCSI interface bursts data to the host at 80-Mbyte/s transfer rates. An AGP SVGA video interface provides 2 Mbytes of display memory. Various ports include two programmable FIFO serial, one parallel, PS/2 mouse, and two USBs. The board is available in four models to 733 MHz. Pricing starts at $2274. Trenton Technology Inc.,2350 Centennial Dr., Gainsville, GA 30504; (770) 287-3100; Fax: (770) 287-3150.

Camera uses CMOS sensor The Phantom V4.0 color/monochrome camera offers rates to 1000 pictures/s at 512 x 512-pixel resolution using CSR-CMOS sensor technology. It provides pixel-level exposure control, synchronous shuttering to 10 µs, and live-image-area selections that offer speeds to 32,000 pictures/s without blooming or multipanel artifacts. As many as 63 cameras can be operated by a single laptop PC using FireWire (IEEE-1394) input/output ports. Images are available for playback, analysis, and archiving using supplied software immediately after recording. Operating parameters can be preloaded into nonvolatile memory. Vision Research Inc.,190 Parish Dr., Wayne, NJ 07470; (973) 696-4500; Fax: (973) 696-0560.

Camera offers dual scanning The STC-1000 machine-vision CCD camera provides a switchable 2:1 interlace or progressive scan mode. Both modes feature switchable normal/double-speed capabilities. The 2:1 mode enables scanning at 60 or 120 fields/s; the progressive scan mode does scanning at 30 or 60 frames/s. Other features include square pixels, pixel clock, 56-dB signal-to-noise ratio, switchable external sync input/output, 659 x 494-VGA pixel area, 0-25 dB manual gain/fixed gain, random trigger shutter, and a 12-pin connector. Size is 31 x 29 x 73 mm. Sensor Technologies America Inc.,1015 N. I-35E, Suite 206, Carrollton, TX 75006; (972) 245-4243; Fax: (972) 446-0056.

Software adds pattern-matching The IMAQ Vision Version 5.0 software incorporates pattern- and color-matching virtual instruments for LabVIEW graphical measurement and instrumentation software. It can quickly and accurately locate objects regardless of size, orientation, and focus. In pattern-matching, the software uses a patent-pending algorithm that can run more than 100 times faster than conventional pattern-matching using gray-scale correlation algorithms. It also can measure, compare, and match colors and display images 50% faster than earlier versions. Only 1% of the pixels from the sample template and a subset of pixels from the target image are needed to complete a match. Pattern-matching software running on a Pentium MMX 200-MHz computer can find objects within 40 ms. National Instruments,11500 N. Mopac Exwy, Austin, TX 78759; (512) 794-0100; Fax: (512) 794-5759.

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Machine-vision system does inspection Scout 1 is a complete, turnkey machine-vision inspection system that consists of a processor, a 15-in. SVGA monitor, a single camera and lighting subassembly, keyboard, trackball, cables, and graphical, icon-based, vision program manager software. It captures images at rates to 1800 parts/min. at 640 x 480-pixel resolution. Upgrades to a high-speed camera can achieve speeds greater than 10,000 parts/min. The networkable PC platform and monitor provide continuous displays of inspection images and data for real-time process monitoring and control. Options include a touch-screen monitor, an industrial sealed flat-screen monitor, a user-support operational package, and upgrades to a two- or four-camera system. PPT Vision,12988 Valley View Rd., Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (612) 996-9500; Fax: (612) 996-9501.

Camera runs cool The 600 series CCD digital camera provides a dynamic range of 65,000:1 while preserving a noise floor of three electrons. It can be configured with one, two, or four analog processors/digitizers. The closed-cycle cooling system can reach temperatures below 100°C without the use of liquid nitrogen. It can be adapted to any scientific-grade CCD as large as 6 x 6 cm with 16 million pixels. The CCD can be bonded to fiberoptics that range from 1:1 couplers to 163-mm reducers and still reach cryogenic temperatures. Spectral Instruments Inc.,1802 W. Grant Rd., Suite 110, Tucson, AZ 85745; (520) 884-8821; Fax: (520) 884-8803.

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