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June 16, 2015

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Furthermore, Scandit also recently announced that the Coop Retail Group, Switzerland’s second-largest retail group with more than 1,800 retail locations and more than 55,000 employees, has chosen Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning platform in order to expand its Passabene self-checkout solution to customers' mobile devices. With this, customers at Coop can use their personal smartphones to scan items and add them directly to their shopping bags as they move throughout the store, allowing them to bypass the traditional checkout experience.

Coop’s Passabene system is responsible for up to 25% of revenue at each Passabene-enabled store, and this number is expected to grow. Furthermore, Coop reports that customer satisfaction has risen as a result of the increased efficiency of the shopping and checkout experience.

"With the integration of Scandit, Coop has been able to deliver a robust, high performance mobile application that provides a personalized shopping experience for customers while simultaneously driving revenue for the company," said August Harder, CIO of Coop Group Cooperative.

The company also refined its "Coop@home" mobile shopping experience to include Scandit technology, which will allow users to purchase goods from their phones in a variety of innovative ways, including the use of virtual shopping walls placed in locations such as train stations in Switzerland where commuters can scan a product and complete a purchase on the go.

In addition to Android, Scandit works on iOS, Google Glass, Titanium, Xamarin, Phonegap, IBM Worklight, and Hybris platforms. The software-based scanner works on a variety of barcode types, including QR code, Datamatrix, UPC, EAN, and more. Pricing for the service starts at $199/month.

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