Multi-camera vision and recording system monitors underwater military operations

Oct. 26, 2015
A vision and recording system that uses multiple industrial 10GigE cameras has been developed by NorPix in order to monitor underwater experiments for a military operation.

A vision and recording system that usesmultiple industrial cameras has been developed by NorPix in order to monitor underwater experiments for a military in Europe.

The system uses 18 HS-2000 cameras fromEmergent Vision Technologies that are housed in waterproof enclosures. The HS-2000 camera features a CMV2000 CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS and is able to achieve 338 fps at full resolution. The camera also feature region of interest and sequence modes, and are GigE Vision and GenICam compliant.

The system usesStreamPix Remote from NorPix to manage the cameras. StreamPix software enables users to view, control, and acquire from multiple cameras simultaneously, all in the same user interface. It provides a management console for the cameras and provides tools for setup, control, and acquisition. Five PCs are used for uncompressed recording from up to 4 cameras each, two PCs for compressed recording, and one PC for remote control and real-time display. All camera-to-host connections are by 30 – 150 meter fiber optic cables, each on a 10GigE network.

Each of the front line PCs records a total of 2.6 GB data/second from the HS-2000 cameras in uncompressed RAW8 format. Every 24th frame is decimated to half resolution (960 x 540) and real-time H.264 compressed (GPU-accelerated) so that a live stream is delivered to two secondary remote recording stations at about 50 megabits/second. The remote PC controls recording and playback, as well as gain, exposure, and white balance for each camera, while also allowing for control of focus and iris. Dual monitors provide a tiled display of all cameras plus a large display of a selected camera directly on the two secondary recording stations.

The system is reportedly being used to monitor underwater explosions.

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