Control Trade Fair 2013 offers glimpse at latest quality assurance technologies, products

At the year’s Control Trade Fair, exhibitors from around the world will showcase the latest quality assurance-related technologies and products, including infrared cameras, 3D measurement systems, software, inspection tools, 3D sensors and image processing solutions.

May 3rd, 2013
Control2012 37

This year’s Control Trade Fair, May 14-17 in Stuttgart, will bring together international market leaders and suppliers of all quality assurance related technologies, products, subsystems and complete solutions in hardware and software. Exhibitors will display infrared cameras, 3D measurement systems, software, inspection tools, 3D sensors, image processing solutions and more. To preview some of these products, click the links below.

Control will feature more than 800 exhibitors from 30 countries around the world. A supplementary program organized cooperatively by the Fraunhofer IPA, the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, the German Society for Quality, the Vision Academy and the TQU Group will be offered at this year’s event.

Exhibitors at this year’s event include the following:

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Contact:James Carroll, Senior Web Editor, Vision Systems Design

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