EVT's EyeVision 2.5 software adds QR code reading

EyeVision 2.5 image-processing software from EVT Eye Vision Technology now has the ability to read QR codes; it also handles Data Matrix codes, barcodes, and OCR/OCV.

EVT Eye Vision Technology
EVT Eye Vision Technology

EyeVision 2.5 image-processing software now has the ability to read QR codes; it also handles Data Matrix codes, barcodes, and optical character recognition/optical character verification (OCR/OCV). A GUI allows drag-and-drop programming, speeding integration for code reading applications. Verification mode compares the read code with the code provided by the software. The code reading system can be combined with the EyeCheck vision sensor series, which can be integrated into various automation applications.
EVT Eye Vision Technology
Karlsruhe, Germany

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EyeVision 2.5 now with QR Code Reader

With the new QR code reader and the completely reworked and even more powerful bar code reader, EVT has succeeded in making the EyeVision software, in the field of code reading, clearly more productive. These highly efficient code reader functions for DMC, bar code, OCR/ OCV and now also QR, in combination with the drag-and-drop programming by the intuitive use of the graphical user interface of the EyeVision software, makes a fast and easy integration into various assignments possible.

The new QR code reader and the upgraded bar code reader are the answer to the fast increasing demand for secure and easy-to-handle code and text reader systems. Due to that demand EVT offers the vision sensors EyeCheck QR und EyeCheck BC in addition to the existing EyeCheck DMC.

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