Quest Innovations' latest Architector machine-vision software has enhanced support for multispectral imagers

Aug. 9, 2011
Architector Vision Suite 1.8.0 from Quest Innovations extends its support of multispectral cameras and color image types.

Architector Vision Suite 1.8.0 extends its support of multispectral cameras and color image types. Lookup table (LUT) functionality has been upgraded in the latest edition of the machine-vision software, and an Image Data View capability displays pixel values of an image in a spreadsheet-like format. Apps can be added to the software to measure 3-D shapes or colors, provide real-time image processing, and support additional image-capture and image-processing devices using a "smart plug-in mechanism."
Quest Innovations
Middenmeer, the Netherlands

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Special: Architector Vision Suite 1.8.0

Quest Innovations recently released a new and improved edition of Architector Vision Suite. This new release includes a lot of improvements including extended support for new Multispectral cameras, support for different types of color images, upgraded LookUp Table functionality and addition of the “Image Data View” which displays the pixel values of an image in an interface that resembles a spreadsheet. In this newsletter we would like to inform you about our multispectral software possibilities.

Architector Vision Suite Package
Architector Vision Suite is part of the camera package for use in development of machine vision applications using Quest Innovations camera systems. It is a comprehensive collection of software components based on the common Architector SDK for the development of machine vision programs. Architector Vision Suite is aimed at demanding applications in industrial image processing. It is compatible for use in a wide variety of machine vision applications using Quest Innovations multi spectral camera systems.

Architector Vision Suite can run one or more applications at the same time to perform tasks such as viewing images from a camera or file, save live image streams to disk or convert image files to other formats.

More information, including the Software user manual and a free software download option is available at our website.

Apps and plug-in support
Apps are small programs inside Architector Vision Suite. One app, for example, provides a live-capture for cameras with some real-time image processing and visualization options. Another app is tailored for recording images from a camera. But much more complex apps can also be created: for example apps that measure 3D shapes or color, or maybe even both. Because Architector Vision Suite can load apps, and apps can be added with a smart plug-in mechanism, there is no limit to what Architector Vision Suite can do. As long as there is an app for it, you can do it with Architector Vision Suite.

The same plug-in mechanism that allows you to add apps to Architector Vision Suite can also be employed to add support for additional cameras, frame grabbers or image operators to Architector Vision Suite. This lets you add support for a new type of frame grabber that you purchased along with a new camera, and use it with any app in Architector Vision Suite.

Whats next: Lua scripting language support!
We would like to give you a glimpse of what will be introduced in future releases of Architector Vision Suite: the Lua script language!

Lua is a mature scripting language with a long track record in applications where speed is important, such as graphics heavy applications like games and scientific computations. But the best thing about Lua is that is not only fast, it’s a very complete and easy-to-use language at the same time.

At Quest Innovations we are currently working on finalizing a set of Operators that execute Lua scripts. This allows users of Architector (and therefore also Architector Vision Suite) to write their own image processing algorithms without needing a C/C++ development environment.

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SOURCE: Quest Innovations

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