Tordivel's Scorpion Vision 9.0 software offers custom app development

Oct. 17, 2011
Tordivel's release 9.0 of Scorpion Vision software has been designed with a focus on usability, 3-D machine vision, and open-source and OEM integration and introduces Scorpion Vision Apps.

Release 9.0 of Scorpion Vision software has been designed with a focus on usability, 3-D machine vision, and open-source and OEM integration and introduces Scorpion Vision Apps. An app can be developed by machine-vision engineers using the Scorpion SDK and deployed by an automation engineer or end user, configured via a simple GUI. Multicore support by manual thread management produces linear speed-up. The improved MonoPose3D tool locates an object in three dimensions with one camera. Up to four stereo cameras may be supported at once.
Oslo, Norway

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Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 is released

Oslo, Norway - Tordivel AS announces a new major release of Scorpion Vision Software with focus on usabilty, 3D Machine Vision, Open-Source and OEM integration. Tordivel’s unalterable requirement on making advanced mechanisms available and usable has again evolved into a new and even higher level of elegance with the introduction of Scorpion Vision Apps.

Extensive 3D Machine Vision R&D from 2006
The release has the accumulated industrial strength and the extensive results from a series of large 3D Machine Vision R&D projects started in 2006. The latest project AutoCast with the goal to automate the casting industry, sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and coordinated by Jøtul AS, has proven the Scorpion Vision Software platform and resulted in Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision. The system is proven for 3D Bin Picking in the Casting Industry.

The cost effective and easy to use technology has already been put to use in a series of demanding 3D Robot Vision and 3D gauging projects using the Scorpion Vision Software platform.

New Scorpion SDK
The enhanced Scorpion SDK enables System Integrators and OEM users to quickly make their own licensed and protected component extensions, Scorpion Tool Components, with Scorpion Vision Software and to create the finest Scorpion Vision Apps.

Scorpion Vision is a wide open platform for Open-Source Development and Custom Machine Vision Processing
The combination of the Scorpion SDK and the Scorpion Open Source license is the shortest route from Open Source machine vision to industrial strength solutions.

The Scorpion Tool Components are based on the embedded Python Framework and implemented in the new generic BaseTool. The components are developed based on any algorithm platform. Typical platforms or code bases can be OpenCV 1.x or 2.x, NumPy, SciPy, Arrlib or the the user’s own algorithm developed in C or C++.

Scorpion Vision Apps
We invented the new Scorpion Vision Apps to lower the integration cost of machine vision in manufacturing. A Scorpion Vision App is developed by an experienced machine vision engineer using the Scorpion SDK. It is deployed by an automation engineer or an end-user. It is easy to install. The user configures the App by point and click on custom configuration pages. The user screen is compact and easy understand.

The Scorpion Vision Apps are based on 2D or 3D machine vision.

New in Scorpion 9.0
The following features are available:
* Multicore support by manual thread management produces near optimal linear speed-up
* Improved MonoPose3D – locates an object in 3D with one camera
o also used to locate cameras in multi-camera systems
* Scorpion Plugins – custom Python component technology makes plugin reuse and custom GUI so easy
* Numerous improvements to 2D and 3D accuracy
* Enhanced 2D, LineScan, SmartCam and 3D Camera Support
* The best installer with management of the latest Open Source extensions
* Improved Locate3D with best in class accuracy and robustness with Stereo Vision – up to 4 cameras
* Installer with easy to download samples for 2D, 3D and Scorpion Vision Apps
* The updated combination of Scorpion VisionX, Scorpion Plugins and Scorpion Components makes Scorpion a very good OEM development tool
* Improved Windows 7 compatibility

Scorpion Mono Stinger and Scorpion 3D Stinger
Scorpion Mono Stinger and Scorpion 3D Stinger are members of a family of machine vision components and products providing building blocks for OEM and system integrators compatible with Scorpion Vision Software.

Scorpion Vision Software Concept
Scorpion Vision Software provides powerful image processing for 2D and 3D applications without the need of programming skills. Machine Solutions and Scorpion Vision Apps are developed in a user friendly graphical user interface that can be customized to show various amounts of information and controls to the operator such as html based instruction screens and visual studio style controls using com add-ins. A number of different image analysis tools are available with user selectable outputs. This allows for rapid development from the simplest to the most complex image analysis tasks.

The user interface also has built-in statistics and logging capabilities making it ideal for process control and integrating with manufacturing database systems.

Scorpion Vision Software is an extremely robust and accurate 2D and 3D machine vision software framework including: integrated python development, scorpion plugins, scorpion components, .net plugins, 2D toolbox of 100 tools, 2D and 3D visualization, 3D toolbox containing 50 tools, extremely accurate 3D stereo vision, a nice tool set for 3D point cloud processing.

Scorpion Vision Software is an independent and open software tool for industrial vision. The system gives the user the choice of a small form factor of an embedded PC, a SmartCam or the power of an Industrial PC multicore PC. The system is founded on top of a standard Windows XP/Vista/7 PC platform. It is cost effective benefitting from the processing power of the multicore CPU, low cost – high quality firewire/usb/GigE cameras and the possibility of connecting multiple cameras to one PC. The Scorpion Stinger family of hardware components are compatible with Scorpion Vision Software. Scorpion solves tasks within robot vision, label inspection, assembly verification, color identification and gauging.

SOURCE: Tordivel

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