WolfVision Connectivity software now offers streaming

WolfVision's Connectivity 2 software is designed to increase the functionality of the company's Visualizers and cameras with live and moving image capture, as well as streaming over a network.



WolfVision's (Duluth, GA, USA) Connectivity 2 software is a very powerful tool designed to increase the functionality of our range Visualizers and cameras: Not only does it allow you to capture and save live and moving images, it will also allow you to stream those images over a network. Furthermore firmware updates can be loaded automatically via the software.

WolfVision's Connectivity 2 is a newly designedsoftware with a modern user interface. Unique to Connectivity 2 is the possibility to capture not just video recordings but also audio recordings, as well as streaming Visualizer images onto a network. In addition it comes with a newly integrated annotation tool offering a wide range of painting and writing options to create more effective presentations.

The Connectivity 2 is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32- and 64-bit), and just like the previous version it is free of charge for all WolfVision customers.


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