Pleora signs licensing agreement with Cognex

JUNE 5, 2008--Pleora Technologies (Ottawa, ON, Canada) has entered into an agreement with Cognex (Natick, MA, USA) in which Pleora's eBUS Driver Suite is integrated with Cognex VisionPro and Cognex Vision Library software.

JUNE 5, 2008--Pleora Technologies (Ottawa, ON, Canada), a supplier of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) video connectivity products, has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA, USA;, machine-vision software manufacturer, in which Pleora's eBUS Driver Suite is integrated with Cognex VisionPro and CVL (Cognex Vision Library) software. "By bundling Pleora's eBUS drivers with Cognex VisionPro, we provide our users with a high-performance GigE solution to match our high-performance vision tools," said Scott Favreau, director of PC vision product development at Cognex.

Cognex began distributing Pleora's eBUS Driver Suite with Version 5.0 of Cognex VisionPro and 6.6 of Cognex CVL library. The eBUS Driver Suite is installed in the background with the Cognex applications, making the experience seamless for end users.

Pleora's eBUS drivers allow GigE NIC (network interface card/chip) hardware to emulate direct, bus-like transactions with PC subsystems at the kernel level. As a result, video streams with bit rates up to 1 Gbit/s can be transferred directly to PC memory using very few CPU resources. The remaining CPU resources can thus be used by the vision application for image processing and other tasks.

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