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OCTOBER 8, 2008--The BR40 OCR reader with autofocus can read, compare, and read out up to four different objects per image (with 25 characters each).

OCTOBER 8, 2008--The BR40 OCR reader with autofocus can read, compare, and read out up to four different objects per image (with 25 characters each). Data is read out via RS-232 port after image evaluation. Up to 20 projects and 20 character sets can be stored to the sensor with global shutter. The reader records up to 100 sharp images/s. It is controlled by multilingual, Windows-based software that connects to PC via USB 2.0 port. Reader is available with three light options: red, white, or infrared. External spot lights, ring illuminators, and flood lights are available in white, red, blue, green, UV, and infrared as well.
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July 2008

wenglor - High-Tech, Innovation and Quality for Your Success!

Read your data, texts and characters with the new BR40 OCR Reader!

During the summer of 2008, wenglor is setting new standards in the field of automatic character recognition with it's new, extremely small OCR Reader.

The Principle
Optical character recognition (OCR) involves automatic character reading of a printed master. The actual OCR process is preceded by a structure analysis. First of all, text blocks are separated from graphic elements and the line structure is detected, and individual characters are finally isolated.Work steps executed by OCR include image recording, AOI detection (area of interest), segmentation, character detection and dictionary comparison.

The OCR Reader reads everything!
wenglor's OCR Reader deciphers all characters and numbers in all languages of the world! Logos, symbol combinations, image fragments and print marks are memorized after just one training process as well. Characters can be printed, needled, pierced or spotted.
Reading, as well as comparison and go/no-go evaluation of characters and symbols is simple and reliable. Up to four different objects per image (with 25 characters each) can be read in, compared and read out, which means you only need one OCR Reader for four different reading tasks within the same range of vision. Up to 20 projects and 20 character sets can be stored to the sensor to this end.

Extremely Sharp Images - Automatically
Do you have varied manufacturing lots? Does size, slope and distance between characters change for each project? wenglor's new OCR Reader with auto-focus adapts itself quickly to each new reading task.

The Quick Reader
Even if your products are transported at high conveyor speeds, wenglor's new OCR Reader records up to 100 extremely sharp images per second. The OCR Reader can read up to 100 characters per scan. wenglor takes advantage of state-of-the-art sensor technology with global shutter. Data is read out via the RS 232 port after image evaluation.

Expiry Dates and Serial Numbers
Read out expiry dates and serial numbers quickly and reliably. Thanks to plug&play, the OCR Reader can be quickly integrated into your production system via the integrated USB 2.0 port.

Extremely Easy Operation
The wenglor OCR Reader is controlled by means of multilingual, Windows-based software with a clear-cut user interface - just connect it to a PC via the USB 2.0 port to this end. The intuitive user interface makes it extremely easy to teach in characters. The auto-focus function can also be controlled with the software. The user interface is also touch-screen compatible, if required by the customer.

For Highest Hygiene Demands
The InoxSens protective housings used for the OCR Reader are made of high quality stainless steel (V4A 1.4404, 316L).
Accessories have been specially developed to meet the demands of the pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and packaging industries.

Extended Illumination Range
The wenglor OCR Reader is available in three different variants: with red, white or Infrared light. Ideal basic illumination is thus assured for each reading task. Beyond this, wenglor offers a broad range of external illumination solutions. wenglor Spot Lights, Ring Illuminators and Flood Lights are available in white, red, blue, green, UV and Infrared. Each and every application can thus be properly illuminated.

Technical Data:
* Working range: > 20 mm
* Fast reading rate: 100/s
* N° of characters per scan: 100 characters
* Characters per line: max. 25
* Min. character dimensions: approx. 0.75 x 1.25 mm (30 x 45 pixels)
* Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels
* Inputs and outputs: 4, freely programmable
* Image chip: monochrome
* Types of light: white, red, infrared
* Highly flexible auto-focus function
* Interfaces: USB 2.0, RS 232
* Dimensions: 40 x 45 x 62 mm

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