The Vision Show and Conference 2009 to be held in Phoenix

JULY 2, 2008--The Vision Show will be held in Phoenix, AZ, USA, at the Phoenix Convention Center, March 31--April 2, 2009.

JULY 2, 2008--The AIA Vision Show, North America's largest machine-vision trade show and conference, will be held in Phoenix, AZ, USA, at the Phoenix Convention Center, March 31--April 2, 2009. This is the first time the show will be located in Phoenix, which is due to its high concentration of semiconductor manufacturing companies (ranking fourth in the nation); the growing number of federal defense contracts held; and significant aerospace exports, an industry increasingly relevant to machine vision and imaging.

The 2008 show and conference were recently held in Boston, MA, USA, June 10--12. The show featured the largest exhibitor base in about 10 years, with 112 companies displaying their technologies (a 30% increase over the last show). Attendance increased by more than 5%, with well over 2500 registered attendees, and the conference brought in 170 attendees. "Overall, the show was a great success. Our goal is to help introduce new technologies, help people find suppliers and partners, educate the marketplace through technical conference tutorials and sessions, and help suppliers build relationships with customers--all in one convenient location," said Dana Whalls, AIA managing director.

The accompanying conference features in-depth tutorials and sessions on topics such as the fundamentals of machine vision, lighting and optics, how to select machine-vision components, integrating machine vision into your system, 3-D vision solutions, the latest advances in smart cameras and sensors, advanced in color vision, machine vision software, nonvisible imaging, and more.

The trade show is free for advanced registrants, and the conference offers low-cost passes. Up-to-date information about The Vision Show and information on the AIA can be found at or contact AIA headquarters at (734) 994-6088.

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