Pegasus Imaging and Accusoft become Accusoft Pegasus

MARCH 30, 2009--After acquiring Accusoft's imaging business, Pegagus Imaging is repositioned as Accusoft Pegasus, a provider for imaging SDKs and viewers.

MARCH 30, 2009--Tampa-based Pegasus Imaging (Tampa, FL, USA) is now doing business as Accusoft Pegasus after recently acquiring Accusoft's imaging business (Northborough, MA, USA; The two businesses have combined and the new company is now repositioned to be the largest single-source provider for imaging SDKs and viewers, as measured by estimated market share and product offerings.

The company says its customers will benefit from the merged product offerings, scientific research, and customer support provided as a result of this partnership. In the last two years, the company has acquired two complementary businesses, purchased two additional Tampa real estate properties, opened an Atlanta office, accelerated research and development efforts, increased hiring, built its customer base, and continued to increase revenue. The business remains privately held.

"Even in a recession, there is opportunity for growth," says Jack Berlin, Accusoft Pegasus president and founder of Pegasus Imaging. "We saw the opportunity to become a stronger company and we took it. Our strategic activities during the last 90 days rewarded us with more products, more knowledge, and more development experience than any of our competitors."

Pegasus Imaging acquired Accusoft's imaging business in December 2008. In January 2009, the company acquired Tasman Software to expand its barcode offerings. Last year, the company purchased two buildings in Tampa and renovations are currently underway for office expansion. In late 2007 the company opened an Atlanta software development center to access a larger pool of software engineers.

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