DiCon Fiberoptics launches DiCon LED business

Nov. 24, 2009
NOVEMBER 24, 2009--Together with this launch, DiCon LED announces a high-density LED array that emits more than1500 lumens.

NOVEMBER 24, 2009--DiCon Fiberoptics (Richmond, CA, USA; www.diconfiberoptics.com) has launched a new business unit and accompanying web site, DiCon LED (www.diconled.com). The division specializes in high-density and high-brightness LED technology to incorporate into breakthrough illumination products and better serve the needs of industrial markets.

In 2001, DiCon established a solid-state lighting technology group and invented a photon extraction method that allows for the commercialization of high-brightness LED chips. In parallel to wafer-level developments, DiCon expanded its LED-related knowledge in optics, thermals, mechanics, electronics, and controls, applying it to resolve complex engineering issues and institute a competitive LED platform.

Together with this launch, DiCon LED announces a high-density LED array that emits more than1500 lumens. Integrating 21 1 x 1-mm high-brightness LED chips, the array can be driven with more than 500 mA while dissipating heat quickly with its patented thermal management system. High packing density creates a virtual point source that is manipulated with simple optics. The multichannel design allows for independent control of various LED types to result in a programmable light source.

Accented with green to emphasize LEDs' environmentally friendly benefits, DiCon's new web site has information sections on microscopy and machine-vision applications. Case study examples such as photo imaging can help the visitor better understand how to apply the products. With a support section that contains software downloads and product manuals, DiCon LED will continue to expand content and products to match the growing needs of the industrial market.

--Posted by Vision Systems Design, www.vision-systems.com

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