University of York Visual Systems Laboratory joins UK Industrial Vision Association

DECEMBER 4, 2009--Part of the Intelligent Systems Research Group within the Department of Electronics, the Visual Systems Laboratory concentrates on the development of adaptive algorithms for robust video processing.

DECEMBER 4, 2009--The University of York, Visual Systems Laboratory has become the latest academic member of the UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA; Royston, UK; concentrates on the development of adaptive algorithms for robust video processing. These are applied to video augmented environments and video content analysis. Present research projects include face image processing, image and video coding, motion-picture parsing, and video-augmented technology.

"We are always delighted to welcome new research members, and the head of the Electronics Department, Professor John Robinson, is well known to the UKIVA," says UKIVA director Don Braggins. "John chairs the committee of the Institute of Engineering and Technology's Vision and Imaging technical and professional network, on which both I and Mark Williamson, chairman of the UKIVA, sit.

"The UKIVA has always taken a keen interest in promoting cooperation between academia and industry to ensure that graduates in vision-related subjects have the skills required by industry," he continues. "This type of cooperation has been brought into sharp focus by the Confederation of British Industry in a recently published report. The report states, 'With the UK's higher education system facing tough choices posed by recession and competition from abroad, business must do even more than it does to work with universities and the government to help maintain the UK's international competitiveness'."

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