MVTec partners with distributor INFAIMON

APRIL 1, 2009--IMFAIMON will be responsible for the distribution and support of of MVTec's machine-vision software in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

APRIL 1, 2009--Starting in April, the distribution of MVTec (Munich, Germany, and Boston, MA, USA; machine-vision software products in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina) will be performed by INFAIMON. Besides the distribution of Halcon and ActivVisionTools, INFAIMON will also provide high-level technical support for the software products.

According to Salvador Giró, CEO of INFAIMON Group, the current machine-vision market demands more sophisticated software tools that could work on different platforms, such as Windows or Linux. In addition, demand is growing for 3-D applications. These considerations, says INFAIMON, are what spurred the inclusion of MVTec products among the distributor's offerings.

The beginning of the distribution cooperation has been adjusted to coincide with the launch of the new Halcon 9.0 version in 2009.

"Spain and Portugal are increasingly evolving to outstanding industrial markets," states Olaf Munkelt, MVTec's managing director, "and Latin America has a big potential for industrial development. Thus, MVTec wants to expand its sales activities in all these important countries. We are sure that INFAIMON will meet our requirements in a distinguished way."

-- Posted by Carrie Meadows, Vision Systems Design,

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