Matrox Imaging launches Authorized Integrator Program

APRIL 7, 2009--The hardware and software provider has opened up its integrator program to provide manufacturers with vision expertise.

APRIL 7, 2009--Matrox Imaging (Montreal, QC, Canada; has launched its new Authorized Integrator Program in North America. According to the company, the integrators enrolled in the program have delivered hundreds of vision systems to a range of manufacturing fields and disciplines from automotive to food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, transportation, packaging and robotics. With years of combined experience, they have broad expertise in integrating vision systems with other automation systems and processes.

Integrators who join the program receive preferential pricing on Matrox Imaging hardware and software products, prequalified sales leads, personalized applications support, and frequent training sessions and marketing support.

"The Authorized Integrator Program is a natural progression for Matrox Imaging," says Francois Bertrand, vice president of sales and marketing, Matrox Imaging. "We've organized a network of experts to help a growing number of manufacturers who require vision to meet stringent quality and efficiency standards. Referring these manufacturers to one of our authorized integrators not only points them in the right direction, but assures them of exceptional quality and service."

Matrox Imaging smart cameras, embedded systems, frame grabbers, the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), and Matrox Design Assistant software are tools that clients can expect to be used in their applications.

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