High-speed recording boosts image capture and processing

April 3, 2006
A discussion with Carlos Jorquera of Boulder Imaging

A discussion with Carlos Jorquera of Boulder Imaging

VSD: What applications or industries does Boulder Imaging serve and with what technologies?

Jorquera: We offer two main product lines: high-performance digital video recording (DVR) systems and several levels of defect-inspection solutions. Our VisionRecorder line of DVRs ranges from entry level, which is compact and can record from one camera input for a couple of hours at a data rate of up to 40 Mbytes/s, to our ultrahigh level, which can record from up to 24 camera inputs for more than 24 hours at data rates exceeding 500 Mbytes/s. Any number of our higher-level systems can operate in unison and provide virtually unlimited capacity for video input and recording duration.

Our VisionNow software manages all the data flow through the DVR system, as well as providing a GUI for controlling recording options, video playback, postprocessing, and image analysis. VisionNow is founded on a component-based architecture that is hardware-independent, allowing support for any video input.

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