EVT's ES800Check sensors resolve optical testing tasks

EVT announces that the new sensor series ES800Check solves optical testing tasks that cannot be solved by common sensors.

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EVT (Karlsruhe, Germany) announces that the new sensor series ES800Check solves optical testing tasks that cannot be solved by any common sensors. Thanks to a multiplicity of resolutions the systems of the ES800Check series detect even fine pattern which cannot be detected by multiple light barriers.

The compact systems do not only impress with their size of a business card but also with their efficiency and with their simple integration in already existing systems.

The complete evaluation software is integrated in an enclosure which measures only 65 × 45 × 35 mm. At the same time the sensor weighs only 120g. Almost all kind of objectives and lightings can be connected via a C-Mount access. The vision sensors are available in different resolutions, as monochrome sensors and as colored sensors:

ES800Check S640 × 480 pixel
ES800Check M1024 × 768 pixel
ES800Check L1280 × 1024 pixel
ES800Check XL2592 × 1944 pixel

The vision sensors of the ES800Check series solve numerous tasks – ranging from the attendance check, reading functions (DMC, OCR/OCV, bar code) to measuring tasks (e.g. distance measurement) and pattern matching.

Therefor the sensors only have to be configured once via an parameterizing software. This process can be carried out even more simple as already known from the EyeSpector systems. In a few steps the system can be configured with a golden part or with a CAD-file (DXF). After configuring the checking is effected autonomous and without a PC.

The evaluation software of the inspection system gathers all information about defect characteristics during the running production. Immediately the information is transferred to the user. The results are available as a good or a bad signal via an integrated PLC-interface (24V).

The testing results and the images including the overlay can be transferred directly to a central computer via Ethernet-interfaces. The EyeView protocol allows the user to transfer the evaluation data as well as the image data of the sensor. In the case of a fault the user detects the error source at once. Thus the user has the possibility to improve the production process continuous and systematic.

The results of up to 16 sensors can be displayed clearly arranged with the visualization program EyeMultiView. Furthermore the complete solution EyeDisplay allows the user to display images on a touchscreen. Images can be zoomed in or out easily with only one touch. EyeMultiView is also already installed. Naturally the EyeView protocol is also available for the integration in the own software.

The measured data can be adopted directly into the business software of SAP, ORACLE or into a SQL database. Therefore the production results can be accessed anywhere in the company and at anytime. A direct interface to the SPC-software is also available.

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