Aphelion software release includes developer, lab, and SDK tools

Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc. and ADCIS SA announce the version 4 release of their Aphelion family of imaging software products.

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Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc. (Monroe Township, NJ, USA) and ADCIS SA (Normandy, France) announce the version 4 release of their Aphelion family of imaging software products. This major, new version of an industry leading image processing and analysis product family includes:
• Developer - A rich toolset for imaging professionals in application development and research;
• Lab - A subset of the Developer product designed for use by non-experts in imaging technology working in a laboratory setting, and
• SDK - Aphelion runtime libraries included as .Net, ActiveX, and native (DLLs) components that are especially useful to OEMs and VARs.

The Aphelion 4 release enhances its suite of imaging software by including an all new graphical user interface incorporating the best of current Windows technology. The interface provides a logical structure that guides a user from image acquisition, through image processing and analysis, to publishing results with a new report generator.

Aphelion 4 users will benefit from its enhanced openness, made possible by support for multiple macro languages (i.e., BasicScript, Python, Visual C# and Visual Basic). Any function in Aphelion Developer's comprehensive set of libraries can be called from these macro languages.

Keeping up with rapidly changing technology, Aphelion 4 supports 32-bit and 64-bit1 architectures and images; Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems; and processing and analysis of both 2-D and 3-D1 images. The SDK product is also available for Linux environments.

The total redesign of the Aphelion software suite has resulted in significantly faster performance for both development work and deployed systems. User productivity is also enhanced by an extensive Help library and a set of video tutorials.

Amerinex Applied Imaging and ADCIS also develop imaging applications to customer specifications.

For more information about Aphelion software and a free evaluation download, visit either www.AmerinexImaging.com (North America) or www.adcis.net (outside North America).

1 Support for 64-bit and 3-D data only available in Developer and SDK

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