Vision Research to bundle Image Systems software with its cameras

March 1, 2007
MARCH 1--Vision Research (VRI; Wayne, NJ, USA; is joining forces with Image Systems (Linköping, Sweden; to give customers access to a world-class motion-analysis system.

MARCH 1--Vision Research (VRI; Wayne, NJ, USA;, a manufacturer of devices for acquisition of high-speed images, is joining forces with Image Systems (Linköping, Sweden;, a developer of motion-analysis software, to give customers access to a world-class motion-analysis system. TEMA Starter for Phantom software will be included with every Phantom camera shipped by Vision Research. Customers can optionally install the software and use it for 60 days at no charge.

"Most analytical instruments provide a user with a visual, subjective view of an event, as well as a quantitative, analytical view," commented Kamran Firooz, VRI president and CEO. "High-speed cameras are no different. One can evaluate an event that is normally too fast to see visually by both watching the slow-motion movie of the event and using TEMA motion-analysis software. This increases the value of our cameras to our customers and improves their return-on-investment."

Said Anders Källdahl, "Image Systems can also provide complex camera-control software, system integration services, and other value-added services in combination with Vision Research."

TEMA Starter for Phantom can automatically track three targets, X/T diagrams, spreadsheet and image export, scaling, and calculations for velocity and acceleration. If a user needs more functionality than is available in TEMA Starter for Phantom, they can purchase upgrades through VRI to higher-performance versions such as TEMA 2D or TEMA 3D. TEMA 2D has an unlimited number of points, multiple tracking algorithms, and more flexible reporting and results presentation. TEMA 3D can do three-dimensional measurements from multiple camera views.

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