ISRA Vision announces net sales growth

Dec. 17, 2007
DECEMBER 17, 2007--ISRA Vision (Darmstadt, Germany) has announced that the group's net sales have grown by 8% to €51.3 million.

DECEMBER 17, 2007--ISRA Vision (Darmstadt, Germany), a leader in the field of industrial image processing, has announced that the group's net sales--according to preliminary calculations--have grown by 8% to €51.3 million. The net profit for the period reached €5.1 million (previous year: 6.3 million), which corresponds to a net return on sales (net profit for the period to turnover) of 10% (previous year: 13%). This profit is significantly higher than the current analyst estimates.

"The slowdown in incoming orders in the second half of the year came as a surprise to ISRA and prompted us to continue planning very carefully as per our conservative corporate policy," explained the chairman of the board Enis Ersü. "Because of this, we adjusted our turnover and profit expectations downward at the end of August 2007. It remains our goal to at least reach our forecasts and we would even rather like to exceed them."

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