MVTec expands marketing activities in India

April 5, 2007
APRIL 5--MVTec Software (Munich, Germany) has appointed Lucid Imaging (Bangalore, India) as a new distributor in India.

APRIL 5--MVTec Software (Munich, Germany; has appointed Lucid Imaging (Bangalore, India; as a new distributor in India. Lucid Imaging specializes in high-end components for machine vision. "HALCON and ActivVisionTools from MVTec complete our portfolio in an outstanding way because of products' independency and flexibility," says Anand Prasad Chinnaswamy, managing director of Lucid Imaging. "Thus, this software eminently fits with our hardware."

Lucid Imaging offers vision components such as cameras, cables, optics, illumination, and software. For users requiring complete systems, Lucid offers solutions for assembly inspection, surface inspection, defect analysis, dimensional measurements, and sorting.

MVTec is a manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all areas of imaging, including the semiconductor industry, web inspection, and quality.

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