Manufacturing efficiency and key PC-based technologies continue to deliver cost savings

Jan. 13, 2004
JANUARY 13--National Instruments (NI; Austin, TX; has announced a price reduction of up to 25% for 13 of its most popular data-acquisition modules.

JANUARY 13-National Instruments (NI; Austin, TX) has announced a price reduction of up to 25% for 13 of its most popular data-acquisition modules. The price reduction applies to all regions of the world for NI data-acquisition devices ranging from 200,000 S/s to 1.25 million S/s, 12- to 16-bit resolution and 16 to 64 analog inputs.

By leveraging commercial PC-based technologies and investing in innovative research and development, NI data-acquisition cost per I/O channel has decreased by 74% since 1990. Most recently, NI has taken advantage of low-cost, off-the-shelf technologies and significant increases in manufacturing efficiency to pass additional savings on to customers. For example, a customer who purchases the 16-bit, 64 analog input PCI-6031E device benefits from a savings of $400; 700 euros; or 69,000 yen--an up to 25% price reduction.

"With this price reduction, NI continues to focus on setting the price-performance standard for data acquisition," said Alex Davern, NI CFO and senior vice president of manufacturing. "High volumes of our core NI data-acquisition chipsets, continuous-flow manufacturing practices, and worldwide expansion have delivered a significant improvement in overall efficiency for NI."

In addition to taking advantage of these significantly lower data-acquisition prices, engineers and scientists can reduce their total cost of measurement through innovative NI software technologies. For example, the new NI-DAQmx measurement services software lowers application development costs by substantially reducing the time-costs of software development, system set-up, configuration, maintenance and calibration.

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