AccuSoft Corporation acquires KhorosPro computing software product

May 17, 2004
MAY 17--AccuSoft Corporation (Northborough, MA;, a provider of imaging technology, has acquired the KhorosPro product line from Khoral Inc.

MAY 17--AccuSoft Corporation (Northborough, MA;, a provider of imaging technology, has acquired the KhorosPro product line from Khoral Inc. Used in commercial and government applications in addition to academic and research environments, KhorosPro is a powerful scientific computing software package that enables complex data and image analysis for users of all skill levels and offers a unique ability to handle five-dimensional data. The centerpiece of the product is a graphical programming environment that allows users without any development experience to easily access and manipulate the 300+ functions within the product to solve problems in a wide variety of applications. Enhanced to provide improved linear algebra support, the product has been rebranded VisiQuest and is shipping immediately through AccuSoft and its worldwide authorized resellers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition of the KhorosPro product line strengthens AccuSoft's position in imaging technology and will enable the company to expand into additional markets and application areas. In addition, the company expects to use the underlying technology as the basis for future new product introductions.

Future product introductions will build on the powerful VisiQuest visual programming environment by incorporating some of the powerful features and functionality from AccuSoft's flagship product, ImageGear. Designed for professional solutions developers that need a comprehensive environment for the rapid development of high-level, complex imaging applications, ImageGear is an award-winning solution that provides a flexible, full-featured, and risk-free framework for cross-platform application development. ImageGear technology has been incorporated into thousands of applications, devices and solutions, making it the imaging toolkit of choice for professional developers and product OEMs around the world.

Since 1985, AccuSoft has been providing customers with the tools and technology to develop powerful imaging, image-enabled, and data-analysis applications. The company's technology is incorporated into thousands of applications used by more than 50 million people worldwide and by customers including GE Medical Systems, NextGen Healthcare, and Jasc Software.

Founded in 1992, Khoral is a software-development company with extensive experience designing and developing custom software solutions for commercial and government organizations. For further information about Khoral, visit

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