Interface board allows real-time overlay data for Sony camera video output

Sept. 24, 2021
The board also provides power, USB interface, VISCA, and serial support.

The DP-800S camera interface board converts raw video data from FCB-ES8230, FCB-ER8300, FCB-ER8530, and FCB-ER8550-model Sony 4K block cameras into 4K SDI output up to 4K 60 (12G), though all video resolutions of the camera are also supported. The board also provides power for the camera, USB interface for camera firmware updates, VISCA, and serial support. HDMI and SDI video are implemented via onboard FPGA.

The FPGA's "soft processor" enables real-time overlay data such as GPS coordinates, temperature, or other types of serial data, onto output video. According to the manufacturer, the board is appropriate for applications such as UAV operations, on police and emergency vehicles, or in intelligent traffic systems.

To Learn More:

Contact: dPict Imaging
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Product: DP-800S interface board
Key Features: Converts video data from Sony 4K block cameras to SDI format, supports level A or level B 6G-SDI output, supports frequencies up to 12.5G.

What dPict Imaging says:
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