Canon announces new high-res and low-light CMOS image sensors

June 21, 2019

Canon is expanding its line of image sensors with the 120MXSI and 35MMFHDXSMA models. The 120MXSI is a 120 MPixel rolling shutter CMOS image sensor with 2.2 µm pixel size equipped with a specialized RBG-NIR color filter array, that can simultaneously and discretely capture images in both the visible and near-infrared spectrums, with a maximum frame rate of 9.4 fps.

The 35MMFHDXSMA is a 2.76 MPixel rolling shutter CMOS image sensor with 19 µm pixel size that, according to the manufacturer, can capture monochrome images in extreme low-light conditions. The sensor has a full area scan frame rate of 98 fps.


To Learn More:

Contact: Canon
Headquarters: Melville, NY, USA
Product: 120MXSI and 35MMFHDXSMA image sensors
Key Features: 120 MPixel, 9.4fps, simultaneous visible/NIR / 2.76 MPixel, 98 fps, built for low-light imaging.

What Canon says: View more information on the 120MXSI and 35MMFHDXSMA image sensors.

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