OmniVision releases image sensor for high resolution smartphone imaging

The new sensor includes enhancements for low-light video and photography.

Omni Vision Ov48 B Image Sensor

The OV48B image sensor from OmniVision is a 48 MPixel sensor with a 0.8 µm pixel designed to enable high resolution smartphone cameras in a 1/2” optical format. The sensor includes features like digital crop zoom and a CPHY interface, which according to the manufacturer makes the OV48B appropriate for rear facing cameras in multi-camera configurations.

The new sensor provides 48 MPixel Bayer output via an on-chip 4-cell color filter array and hardware re-mosaic. The sensor can use near-pixel binning to produce 12 MPixel images in low light conditions. The OV48B also includes 2x2 microlens phase detection autofocus to boost accuracy.

Full-scale production of the OV48B is expected in Q4 2019.


To Learn More:

Contact: OmniVision
Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA, USA
Product: OV48B image sensor
Key Features: 48 MPixel, 0.8 µm pixel, 12 MPixel in low light.

What OmniVIsion says: View more information on the OV48B image sensor.

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